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Are You Successful? How Do You Know?

Nothing seems to be easier to answer than the question if you are successful. But the moment you start thinking about it, questions come up like “am I really successful?”, “what does successful mean?” or “successful in relationship to what?”. In a recent study with over 200 managers from all over the world I asked the question “What does long-lasting professional success mean for you?” I wanted to find out which ingredients are widely accepted in the recipe for success.

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From individual maverick sales to high-performing teams

Are Sales people coachable at all?

While B2C sales are very often product driven, focusing on the large consumer target market and maximizing the value of one single transaction, B2B sales are relationship based, very often with a very focused target market and aiming to maximize the long-term relationship value. While B2C relies to a great extent on the image created through marketing and tries to trigger an emotional buying decision, B2B sales are - at least on the face of it -characterized by rational buying decisions based on business value.

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Managers and Their Dysfunctional Beliefs

Since the 1950s, McKinsey [&] Company, one of the world’s leading strategy consulting companies, has been known to employ the best graduates from the best universities, and to use performance incentives and a very formative high performance culture to shape these young, hungry ‘high potentials’ according to their requirements. After these young consultants were pushed to the maximum by their international projects, most of them voluntarily leave the company on good terms after three years at the latest in order to take up leading positions in the industry and then to become potential customers of their former employer. Over the past few decades, this HR strategy and its accompanying high performance culture was adopted in the field of professional services by the majority of international companies and is now also entering many more traditional industrial and service-based companies.

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Coaching and Authentic Relationships

In trying times, resilience is required. Resilience refers to the ability to adapt in times of pressure and 
stress and emerge strengthened from them. Resilience, in turn, is composed of various protective 
factors. One of these factors is authentic relationships. What makes them up, and how can coaches 
assist their clients in forming authentic relationships?

Resilience is being widely talked about. But what exactly is resilience, and how can authentic 
relationships help strengthen it? Furthermore, how can coaches support their clients in cultivating 
authentic relationships?

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