At Leadership Choices we want to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals as stipulated by the United Nations in 2015. We do this following five different approaches:

  • Practicing what you preach

    Since 2020 we are consciously working towards realizing the SDGs in our limited Leadership Choices eco-system, e.g. by minimizing our carbon footprint and compensating what was actually emitted.

  • Coaching leaders regarding the SDGs

    More and more leaders are feeling the urge to change the way their company is doing business into a more sustainable one. But this is often easier said than done. We help leaders to find the right path for them, their organization, and their stakeholders.

  • Supporting NGOs

    We are aiming to help organizations who are working to realize the SDGs through coaching as well as leadership and organizational development at strongly discounted rates. We do this by either working with the NGOs directly or by working together with foundations helping them to achieve their mission.

  • Raising money for good causes

    Some partners of our company run fundraising or charity initiatives for good causes which we support either financially or by helping to spread the word and gain more support.

  • Helping companies in crisis

    When crises are putting companies and entrepreneurs under severe pressure like the Covid pandemic in 2020 or the major flooding in 2021, we are there to help by providing coaching, as well as leadership and team development for free.

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