Our conferences are a place where the ecosystem of Leadership Choices comes together to listen, share, reflect and learn from each other. We invite leaders from different fields like business, academia and non-profit to share their experiences, insights and challenges in the field of leadership development, culture transformation and organizational resilience with each other.
We operate our conferences under the assumption that we live in complex times and that no one has a one-size-fits-all solution. Much rather we need to read the weak signals from inside and outside our organization, form hypothesis to make sense, and run organizational experiments in order to find suitable ways forward for our companies. This requires curious leaders who are connected to likeminded peers. And it requires stimulus and inspiration. Our conferences, which are invitation only and free of charge, provide exactly this. Our participants are senior leaders and high potentials from different industries, as well as experts on learning & organizational development.
Our conferences are places fostering inspiration and diversity of mind. There is no selling happening and also no sugar-coating. If you want to be invited, please get in touch.