Culture Assessments

While leaders tend to recognize that the culture of their teams and organization has a direct impact on the performance of their business, it is often unclear which changes need to be made to achieve the greatest impact. One way to approach this classical leadership challenge is to use scientific models to analyze the prevailing cultural factors by multi-rater feedback instruments.

At Leadership Choices, we work with several instruments to help describe the culture of a place.


Team Culture: XLNC_C

XLNC_C is an innovative diagnostic tool that allows you to measure the system climate in your team which is influenced by your leadership behavior. It is based on the research of Dr. Cornelia Tanzer, the managing director of XLNC.


Organizational Culture: Denison

The Denison Culture Survey is a very established tool to measure the culture of an organization and tie it back to key performance indicators. It is based on the research of Daniel R. Denison.