Organizational Resilience

How would you develop an organization for a maximum of robustness and adaptability? Which principles would you need to apply to achieve a maximum of longevity for a company? At Leadership Choices, we are fascinated by these questions and we have developed the Organizational FiRE Model as a coordinate system to help answer them. The acronym FiRE stands for Factors improving Resilience Effectiveness®. In our research, we have identified over 140 factors which have the potential to significantly impair the longevity of a company. In our work with leadership teams and important subject matter experts of an organization, we help to identify these factors as well as ways to address them before the next crisis occurs. We also look at the protective factors and how they can be strengthened in a sustainable way. Working on the resilience of an organization can look like a lengthy undertaking but with our approach we have reduced the complexity to a minimum. The effort is certainly worth the while if you want your company to last.


Inclusive Cultures

Creating conditions for diversity to flourish has become crucial for the leaders of today. In its broadest sense, diversity acknowledges how diverse human beings are, how much our mindset, our values, our communication style can be different from one another. Yet navigating diversity is taxing and human beings often unconsciously prefer sameness. Whether we like it or not, when faced with diversity we often treat people differently based on our unconscious assumptions, feelings and judgments. We are supporting our clients with different formats like keynotes, workshops, and targeted team coachings to open up for more diversity in their organizations and create conditions where everybody feels included. When this happens, diversity has the potential to become your engine for innovation and development.

Agile Organizations

To cope with the rapid and unpredictable changes of the VUCA world we live in, many companies are starting to work with agile approaches and methods in order to increase the speed, versatility and efficiency in the development of new products and services. However, eliminating hierarchical top-down decisions making and breaking down organizational silos cannot be achieved by simply changing the setup of an organization. Much rather a change in mindset of the people in charge is required to allow for more empowerment and risk-taking as well as less control and boundaries as organizational practices. Such a shift in thinking, feeling, and behaving can be enhanced by interventions such as townhall conferences, group workshops, and individual coachings. Our Agile Coaches play an important role in helping organizations, teams, and individuals to adopt a different way of thinking to enable a new way of working together. And the end of the day, new work requires inner work.