LC helps Ukraine

Free business coaching for entrepreneurs and business owners who had to leave their country - irrespective of their nationalities.

The current events in Ukraine seem to be a relapse into a time we all thought was long gone. We feel with those who are suffering because of this war and as a team, we decided to provide free business coaching in accordance with our business philosophy „Better Leadership. Better Organizations. Better World. “

Our 150 Leadership Coaches are well trained and educated, as well as experienced in dealing with crises.
We would like to support and assist entrepreneurs who are wrestling with the following questions, free of charge:

  • Where do I find the strength to carry on?
  • How can I take good care of myself in these times?
  • What do my employees need from me right now?
  • How can I secure my business or how can I rebuild it?
  • How can I use this crisis as a chance?

If you are interested or require help please contact us via this form.
If you know people who could benefit from our help, please refer them to us.

If you are a trained and certified professional coach and you want to support our pro-bono coaching initiative for the Ukraine, please sign up here.