Agile Organizations

To cope with the rapid and unpredictable changes of the VUCA world we live in, many companies are starting to work with agile approaches and methods in order to increase the speed, versatility and efficiency in the development of new products and services. However, eliminating hierarchical top-down decisions making and breaking down organizational silos cannot be achieved by simply changing the setup of an organization. Much rather a change in mindset of the people in charge is required to allow for more empowerment and risk-taking as well as less control and boundaries as organizational practices. Such a shift in thinking, feeling, and behaving can be enhanced by inter-ventions such as townhall conferences, group workshops, and individual coachings. Our Agile Coaches play an important role in helping organizations, teams, and individuals to adopt a different way of thinking to enable a new way of working together. And the end of the day, new work re-quires inner work.