What we believe in

There are some central believes that have formed our company over the years. Most of them, we knew when we started Leadership Choices. Others, we learned to value along the way.

Mindful and ethical Capitalism

We believe in a mindful and ethical way of capitalism. This manifests in different aspects of the way we do business: Every associate can choose the mandates he or she wants to get engaged in. We use our experience and talent to help top managers and boards to achieve more impact and we do this both for large multinationals and for non-profit organizations. The fees we pay to our people for their work follow the same guidelines without exception. That includes the members of the management team.

Highest Quality Standards

Our quality standards for associated coaches are amongst the highest in the market. That applies to our recruiting and onboarding process as well as to instrument certifications, ongoing supervision, re-credentialing and quality assurance of all our mandates. We never stop learning and improving ourselves. We always strive to find the best possible coach for any given assignment. All of this is the basis for our consistently very high levels of client satisfaction over many years.

Abundance and Trust

Our business model is based on freely sharing our knowledge and giving access to our resources, to our network and to our ecosystem. We don’t believe in internal competition and transactional collaboration. Much rather we focus on long lasting co-creation based on trust and mutual respect.


We believe in an entrepreneurial and business-focused mindset fostering creativity, ingenuity, and long-term collaboration for the best interest of our clients. We are opportunity seekers and creators as well as risk-takers. We are willing to embark in challenging mandates where the stakes are high to help our clients grow and achieve the impact they are aiming for.