Leadership is about creating choices. With our coaching model LEADERSHIP CHOICES, we support you in your personal development – clear, unbiased, trustful, and on an equal footing. We see ourselves as the champions of your potential, and we will accompany you on your path with fresh perspectives, thought-provoking questions and a bit of challenging on your way to new goals and insights.

In a coaching process, which will take six to twelve months in most cases, the following five elements form the golden thread of our work:

Awareness: Which data points need to be considered?

By means of structured interviews and psychometric instruments, we will work out core aspects of your current environment, as well as central aspects of your biography which have led to the decision patterns, behavior preferences, and values you exhibit today.

Plan: What do we want to achieve together?

In this phase, in addition to discussing our mutual expectations from this collaboration, we will develop a target scenario for our joint effort. This may include improved political skills, more empathy in leadership, or a more strategic approach to new challenges.

Choicepoints: Which tough decisions will you need to take?

This phase forms the core of our work, since each expansion of your behavior repertoire requires one thing before all: your conscious decision. Sometimes, you have to let go of habits and convictions you have come to hold dear, in order to integrate new patterns of behavior into your personality and yet remain true to yourself. We will back you up in this.

Integration: How do you integrate the new learning into your daily life?

Actions speak louder than words. In this phase, the newly acquired perspectives as well as new patterns of behavior and communication will be actively integrated into your behavior repertoire by practicing them and implementing them in your daily work – after all, the real work has to be done between coaching sessions!

Results: How do you see your investment yielding positive results?

Our coaching does yield results, and we evaluate them together. In order to do so, we need to jointly evaluate your new leadership behavior, and we may also conduct anonymized surveys in your surroundings. After all, only the actual consequences of your everyday leadership count for your success.