Certified B-Corporation

We have recently become a B-Corp certified coaching company, joining the global movement of purpose-led organizations. Since 2008, we operated under the philosophy that leadership is about empowering your people, fostering self-reflection and self-discipline, transparency, learning together, and understanding that there are no perfect leaders and no perfect companies—it is a journey to be embraced. 

Our journey towards B Corp certification began with an inspiring podcast conversation with Profitable Purpose Consulting's CEO, Nathan Stuck, sparking an interest in embracing a more mindful and ethical capitalism. The commitment of B Corp leaders is to leverage their entrepreneurial capabilities as a force for good in everything they do. We always wanted to give something back through our commitment. Examples of this are Karsten's annual fundraising bike tours or our support for NGOs such as the Future for Ukraine Foundation with high-quality coaching via the Cosmikk Foundation. 

With our B-Corp certification, we plan to deepen this social commitment, expand our NGO client base and strengthen our cooperation with other B-Corps, while remaining true to our mission "Better Leadership - Better Organizations - Better World"

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