At Leadership Choices we tend to see ourselves as an organizational experiment which simply means that we have not come across many companies like us.

Technically, hardly anyone is employed at our firm, yet we are proud of our vibrant community life and our strong company culture. Every of our associates has the freedom of choice when it comes to mandates and areas of specialization, yet our approach to quality in recruiting, onboarding, certification, supervision, continuous professional development and quality assurance is amongst the highest in the industry. All our people have a strong desire for freedom and creativity and at the same time we all work according to the same set of methodologies and approaches.

We are driven by our desire to have a positive impact in the world, to grow both as professionals and as human beings and of course we need to earn some money.

Maybe this is how the organization of the future could look like. Professionals who have a free choice and who are united by a common purpose: Better Leadership – Better Organizations – Better World

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