Leadership Hacks

At Leadership Choices we believe in micro learnings to accompany leadership and coaching programs. Sometimes a single thought or insight can be just the right one to help trigger a more thoughtful leadership behavior. Introducing our large series of Leadership Hacks, a simple and impactful way to provide inspirations and learning nudges to your present and aspiring leaders. Our editorial team has compiled over 150 micro learnings in German and English covering different aspects of leadership. At many international companies, these one-pagers are made available to managers on a subscription basis to foster a mini reflection process and remind them of concepts which have been discussed in a recent workshop on leadership, resilience, innovation, or other central topics. Our Leadership Hacks can be easlily adapted to the corporate CI of any company and contain links to other learning resources like TED-Talks, whitepapers, podcasts etc. which are available free of charge. These micro-learnings are an easy and cost-effective way to stimulate a joint consiousness on the importance of good leadership in your organization.