Organizational Coaching

Are you leading an organization and you want it to reach the next level of performance? Do you strive for more innovation, speed, and collaboration within your company? Are you looking for greater empowerment and integration across the organization or even changes in mindsets and culture?

When leaders want to change the ways how organizations work on the inside, they often try to achieve this by changing the outside, i.e. the organizational setup and responsibilities. Oftentimes, this does not yield the desired outcome. We believe that if you want to help an organization to change and transform, you need to work with the people in charge and help them understand how their mental models and action logics influence the dynamics in the organizational system as a whole. Once this is understood, the desired transformational process can be created and designed.

In our work based on our coaching attitude, we thus focus on the mindsets of people, teams and even entire organizations in order to support expanding, adapting or changing them as is needed by the process of organizational evolution. In fact, we find that most change processes require mindset and paradigm shifts in order to come to full fruition.

One of the models we use to guide the process is the Two Loops Model of transformational change, providing the backdrop to our wholistic approach to processes of transformation in organizations.

Two Loops Model

Would you like to learn more? Swaan Barrett and Holger Karsten, Co-Leads of the Community Organizational Evolution, are happy to answer your questions.