Organizational Coaching

Are you leading an organization and you want it to reach the next level of performance? Do you strive for more innovation, speed, and collaboration within your company? Do you want to reduce silo thinking and lacking accountability for end-to-end-processes? When leaders want to change the ways how organizations work on the inside, they often try to achieve this by changing the outside, i.e. the organizational setup and responsibilities. Oftentimes, this does not yield the desired outcome. We believe that if you want to help an organization to become more collaborative, risk-taking and resilient then you also need to work with the people in charge and help them understand their current mental models and how these influence the dynamics in the organizational system as a whole. In other terms, a sustainable improvement of the inner dynamics of an organization requires developing the action logics and mental models of the people in charge. Over the last years, we have developed the Organizational Maturity Grid which serves as a coordinate system to understand the current development level of an organization and how future evolutionary growth could look like. It also highlights the crisis which need to be overcome in order to achieve this next level of maturity.