Leadership Choices Academy

The Leadership Choices Academy offers solutions to help leaders and their organisations build stronger resilience. Over the last decade, our thought-leadership in the field of resilience resulted in:

  • Books, articles and podcasts to share our insights.
  • The Resilience Roadmap, a scientifically validated assessment tool that helps leaders develop resilience systematically.
  • Scalable digital Resilience Journeys that help build a deeper understanding for the topic and can deliver tangible positive impact in your organization.
  • Executive programs that combine the substance of our understanding with our heritage as a premier Executive Coaching company.

Our customers include leading companies across a wide range of industries.



The products of our Academy are categorized into three sections: SEE, SHAPE and SHARE, enabling you to easily identify the solution that aligns with your interests.



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In the SEE category, you will find the Resilience Roadmap, a product designed for systematically analyzing your resilience levels. It is particularly well-suited for gaining a profound understanding of your self-management.



Within the SHAPE category, you have access to the Resilience Journey and Resilience Coaching. Both programs focus on optimizing resilience through professional guidance. Utilize the Resilience Journey to learn with and from other leaders, enhancing your resilience. Alternatively, engage in individual Resilience Coaching with a coach to develop your strategy for increased resilience.



Within the SHARE category, we provide you with the opportunity to support others in their development. The Resilience Guide training equips you to lead individuals in your environment toward improved resilience. Through our Essence of Coaching for Senior Leaders program, you will acquire fundamental coaching skills to enhance your leadership style. In the Coaching Master Programme, you will gain extensive knowledge in resilience, transformation, and leadership coaching. The German-language LC Coaching Master Programme (175 hours) has been certified by the ICF as a Level 2 training course with all five modules; even with just four modules (140 hours, including the coaching practice module with final coaching exam), our successful graduates receive a Level 2 certificate of completion, with which personal certification as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) can be obtained quickly and easily.

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