Leadership Choices Academy

The Leadership Choices Academy offers solutions to help leaders and their organisations build stronger resilience. Over the last decade, our thought-leadership in the field of resilience resulted in:

  • Books, Articles and Podcasts to share our insights.
  • the Executive FiRE Index, a scientifically validated assessment tool that helps leaders develop resilience systematically.
  • Scalable digital Resilience Journeys that help build a deeper understanding for the topic and can deliver tangible positive impact in your organization.
  • Executive programs that combine the substance of our understanding with our heritage as a premier Executive Coaching company.

Our customers include leading companies across a wide range of industries. Read what participants say about our programs. The Leadership Choices Academy offers open programs covering different needs:

  • Understand your resilience and actions to grow it.
    Book an Executive FiRE Index (EFI) assessment including a debrief by a certified EFI Coach.
  • Practice resilience and develop a regular practice.
    We give you the tools either in…
    (1) an asynchronous Digital Resilience Journey that you can run at your own pace or
    (2) synchronous Virtual Resilience Workshops that help you learn in a like-minded community.
  • Enable your organisation to benefit from stronger resilience.
    We help you qualify Resilience Pilots, who can become key influencers to grow resilience in your organisations.
  • Master key resilience concepts and get to the next level of professionalism in a dynamically growing area.
    We give you the best of our tools and insights in our Coaching Master Program program.

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