Why we do what we do

Our strongest driver is the need for impact: positive and sustainable impact on leaders, teams, organizations, and society. And we want to achieve this by practicing ourselves what we preach to our clients. In other terms, we want Leadership Choices to be a role model for a different way of working together and creating both impact and value.

Interdependency and Co-Creation

In our business model, we strive for interdependency with our associates and for co-creation together with our clients. Our business model is decentralized and fostering entrepreneurial thinking. We have a large group of associates who manage client relationships on behalf of Leadership Choices and are incentivized to generate value by working together and sharing knowledge amongst colleagues. With our clients we aim to earn and deserve their trust by providing value like the access to our ecosystem and network that is beyond successful individual assignments.

Fairness and Transparency

At Leadership Choices, the same rules apply to everyone. Each partner has the opportunity to make the contribution he or she wants to make. It is transparent for everyone who earns how much in sales incentives. Everyone decides for himself or herself whether a particular mandate sounds interesting and meaningful or not. The business model rewards commitment and sales success and allows individual freedom, such as time off for studying, extensive travel or book projects.

Organizational Experiment

We see our company as a rather fascinating organizational experiment, and it strikes us time and again that we often lack the reference points and comparisons in similar companies on which to base our decisions on. Based on our current knowledge of the leadership and organizational development market, there just do not seem to be many organizations like us.

We are far from Perfection

We do not want to give the impression here that our company is perfect in any way. After all, the contradictions of the postmodern organization are undoubtedly there. On the one hand, individual freedom is emphasized, but on the other hand, monthly salaries of our employees and other fixed costs have to be paid. On the one hand, each partner can decide for himself or herself how much commitment he or she wants to put in. On the other hand, sometimes you also need “all hands on deck” to master a large assignment. On the one hand, diversity, equity, and inclusion are key to us, and we have about 60% of women as Community Leads. On the other hand, our management team is still mostly male and German. But despite all these sometimes-annoying idiosyncrasies, none of us would ever want to work in another company again, because none of us has ever before been allowed to be so much of a human being in our careers and still belong to a community of skilled, inspiring and interesting personalities.