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Julia N. Weiss

Executive Coaching by Julia Weiss aims to unleash the full potential of her client in her / his varying roles, thus enabling the client to achieve a sophisticated and sustainable level of performance. Julia provides a learnable approach to[nbsp]identify constraints to growth and development[nbsp]at an early stage and to proactively manage them before they compromise the individual performance.

Together with her clients Julia defines attractive and appealing objectives that are shared and achievable for the individual and for the team. In doing so, Julia does not leave the learnings on a "esoteric" or abstract level. In contrary she facilitates their application to actual challenges in the corporate world – whether that would be questions of leadership, change management or strategic realignment.

Julia started her professional career as a Strategic Advisor, with focus on M[&]A, change management and organizational redesign in the media, telecommunications and automotive industry. She held several top management positions, lately as Managing Director Sales for an international media company. During this time she discovered the power of coaching to enhance the performance of executives as well as work teams and facilitate change processes.

Julia graduated from WHU in 1998 and from Harvard Business School in 2008. She is Member of the non executive board of the Leadership [&] HR program at ESMT, trainer and speaker for various topics including leadership and sales management.

From individual maverick sales to high-performing teams

Are Sales people coachable at all?

While B2C sales are very often product driven, focusing on the large consumer target market and maximizing the value of one single transaction, B2B sales are relationship based, very often with a very focused target market and aiming to maximize the long-term relationship value. While B2C relies to a great extent on the image created through marketing and tries to trigger an emotional buying decision, B2B sales are - at least on the face of it -characterized by rational buying decisions based on business value.

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Management Offsites – We have Tried it All!

“We have tried it all” said the Head of Personnel and Communication when I asked her for the different formats of the yearly top management meeting in December. Impressive budgets, celebrity speakers, exotic locations, risky body work – the span ranges from a top athlete, who explains „how he made it to the top“ to highly emotional motivational speakers bouncing on stage in front of surprised managers, to a breakneck climbing trip or the breakout from a so-called Panic Room.

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Shine like the children do

„All of us are destined to shine like children do“. These words by Nelson Mandela came to me, shortly after an executive coaching session with a division manager from the finance industry. We had talked about our inner shares and related attitudes (child-attitude, parent-attitude and adult-attitude). We also discussed which attitude is the most useful in maintaining your self-efficacy in today’s challenging environment. While transaction analysis is all about the integration of these three shares, in coaching we use the power of the inner adult to set and achieve our goals, whilst being generous, brave and open to gain experience.

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You have to fix this guy

There I was sitting. Already 25 minutes in the anteroom of the CEO, waiting. Not that I had been warned in advance that my conversation partner would be extremely busy. But of course I had shown up perfectly in time for the clearing conversation for one of his top managers from the first management level, responsible for 16.000 employees in more than 20 locations.

Originally I had suggested a meeting among the three of us. So, we could start coaching process with the same basis. But this suggestion was crushed by the CEO’s secretary weeks ago. He wanted to speak with me alone, the matter was critical.

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Jump start – how to become a successful leadership team

A booming industry provides an encouraging ground for new entrepreneurs - be it through start-ups, spin-offs or management buy-outs. So does the real estate industry. However, not all of these start-up’s and spin-offs become equally successful - despite the fertile environment they incubate in. This is rarely a result of overconfidence of the new leaders, lack of market access or bad deals, but rather a lack of investment in the partnering on the top of the company - the newly found leadership team.

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