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As one of Europe's leading organisations in the field of resilience, Leadership Choices has developed the Resilience Roadmap, a unique tool for analysing self-leadership. A comprehensive understanding of resilience has been a core competence at Leadership Choices since 2008 now. The experience gained has made it possible to continuously optimise the roadmap. Version 3.0 is now available in German and English and has been used over a thousand times internationally.

„It was so useful for me to be able to assign a value to each category to see exactly where I am now in this area and where I want to go."

Gary Anello Leadership and Career Development Manager, Executive MBA Program


Resilience and Leadership


Thanks to improved self-leadership, leaders can manage their own resources more sustainably and thus respond more effectively to team members. Good self-leadership not only increases your own abilities, but can also have a positive impact on entire teams.  The Resilience Roadmap helps you to raise awareness of your resilience and to enable more sustainable self-leadership more quickly and easily.

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