Fact-Based Resilience: The Resilience Roadmap and The FiRE Model


The Resilience Roadmap is based on the FiRE model, a model for analysing the "Factors improving Resilience Effectiveness®". This model was developed over a decade and breaks down resilience into eight factors. These factors include, for example, attitude, the brain-body axis and authentic relationships. What is unique about the FiRE model is that it encompasses both fixed and influenceable personality traits and thus paints a complete and detailed picture of resilience levels. As quantifiability is paramount here, the areas with the greatest potential for growth are also identified.

Leadership Choices: Expertise Through Experience


As one of Europe's leading organisations in the field of resilience, Leadership Choices has developed a unique approach to methodically break down the protective and risk factors of individual resilience with the FiRE model and The Resilience Roadmap. While resilience has gained relevance in the general public, especially due to the COVID pandemic, it has been a core competence at Leadership Choices for over a decade. The wealth of experience we have gained with international leaders from all industries, company sizes and social sectors enables us to continuously develop and refine our methodology.  Leadership Choices has a community of 150 coaches in 10 different countries, continuously generating new insights from the world of leaders and how they deal with challenges. So if you want to strengthen your resilience, use our experience and our strong community to optimise your development.



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