Circumnavigating the world on a bike, Karsten Drath cycles another 3,500 km through North America

Since 2017, Karsten Drath has been cycling around the world to collect donations for the Cosmikk Foundation under the motto "Coaching for a better world". This year, his 7th stage will take the entrepreneur, coach and podcast host through North America. Starting at the end of July, he wants to cover 3,500 kilometers in 35 days: from Saskatoon to Chicago, Toronto and Montreal. Local fundraising events will also be held in each of these cities. Drath is one of the founders of the digital coaching platform Cosmikk and co-founder of the non-profit Cosmikk Foundation. This foundation helps the leadership teams of nonprofit organizations gain access to high-quality, quality-assured coaching at no cost. For example, Drath and many of his colleagues have been active in the Ahr Valley for 1.5 years, where they support members of a local aid organization by providing free coaching and team development. The Cosmikk Foundation collects donations, selects the NGOs and finances the coaches, who in the future will receive a small allowance for their years of work. To make this possible, the foundation needs donations. Drath's fundraising tour by bicycle around the world takes him in fifteen stages over at least 35,000 km. He always travels alone, using only muscle power and without external support. He spends the night in a tent. So far, Drath has already covered 14,700 km through 13 countries and raised around 96,000 euros in donations. His route has taken him from Gibraltar to the North Cape and from Lisbon to Poland. He is currently crossing North America from West to East. Last year, his tour took him through the Canadian Rocky Mountains, which he is now following up on. Drath is already looking forward to this year's tour: "I'm very excited about the change between solitude and the bustling big city. I'm sure I'll meet exciting people again along the way. I'm already looking forward to that!" This year will hopefully see many more donations for the Cosmikk Foundation, which Karsten Drath launched in 2022 together with his co-managing director Uwe Achterholt. Regular updates from the tour can be found here:  


About the Cosmikk Foundation: 

Many NGOs bring good to the world. But most of them do not use their potential  

due to the lack of experience of their leaders. Coaching can help. 

The Cosmikk Foundation ( provides funding for coaching, resilience and leadership workshops to leaders of nonprofit NGOs. 

Non-profit NGOs are organizations whose goal is to bring at least one of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals into the world, e.g. humanitarian aid, environmental protection or gender equality. 

The non-profit Cosmikk-Foundation was founded in 2022 by Uwe Achterholt and Karsten Drath and is a supporting trust foundation of the  

Foundation for Founders, Munich. 


Example projects: 

  • Funding for coaching training for panel mentors who mentor scholarship recipients before and during their study tours. 
  • Financing of coaching for the aid organization Dachzeltnomaden, which helps flood victims in the Ahr Valley to make their houses habitable.  
  • Funding resilience training for NGO leaders at the Skala virtual campus. 

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