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Petra Lewe

As executive coach Petra Lewe appreciates her coachees as individuals and achieves a high level of collaboration. She regards her communication partners as valuable persons and shows them respect as well as positive curiosity. This generates trust. Her coachings are driven by matching organizational goals and individual attitudes and competencies. This allows to build up trust based structures of network relations.

During the last 13 years Petra has built up the leading organization for entreprenuer development as CEO which is up to now the leading one in Germany and – under her leadership – the most successful one in the global network. Petra Lewe started her career with the international accounting firm KPMG. She was in charge for HR and later also for business development. With 10 years of responsibility in the area of organizational and business development she worked in close cooperation with the members of the board of management and the board of directors.

Petra Lewe bases her coaching methodologies on a solid psychological education. She is certified coach for psychosynthesis and consultant in human psychology. Her clients come from various industries as professional services, pharma and health care, telecommunication, media and consumer products.

Petra Lewe works in German, English and French languages. She lives with her family in Bonn, Germany.