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Dr. Holger Karsten

Holger Karsten brings a wealth of 30 years of experience to his work as executive coach.
He has been an automotive executive, managing director of a global top management consultancy and a leading investment bank as well, giving him exposure to a wide variety of cultural idiosyncrasies.

His formal education includes a masters‘ degree in economics, a doctoral degree in business administration as well as a post-graduate program completed at the University of Massachusetts Business School in Amherst, Mass, USA.

Holger works goal-oriented and quickly understands the relevant issues regarding personality and business, based on his longstanding management- and consulting- experience. He also applies his own clear approach in a range of corporate supervisory
and advisory board memberships.


The Zen of Networking

She was standing in the back of the room thinking to herself "Why am I doing this? I could be at home on my couch relaxing and watching my favorite TV show..." Instead she was struggling to take the next two steps into the room, locate herself at one of the tables and start a conversation with someone she didn't know. Ah, here comes the waiter with a tray of wine glasses - a secure haven at least for a few moments since the relationship and the mutual expectations are clear - a glass of wine in exchange for a warm ‘thank you’.

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