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Petra Basler

Petra Basler, M.A., is a Professional Certified Coach (ICF), Teaching Coach, Future Mentor Coach, Banker, and Associate Partner at Leadership Choices. As an expert in individual coaching, she has been supporting executives since 2001 in the core areas of leadership, resilience, and navigating change. Her focus lies in developing individuals' leadership personality and their ability to thrive in the future.

Honest Relationships – the key to a successful team

For many leaders, it’s a daily reality: They are under a great deal of pressure. This is no coincidence, as job requirements and the complexity of their work have been rapidly increasing in the last few years. In addition, they must adapt to working conditions that have significantly changed in the hybrid context. They must develop solutions to problems that have never even existed before. Here, the traditional understanding of roles, where the leader is seen as a confident decision-maker who always has a solution at hand, no longer applies. Much rather, it’s essential to make use of the “know-how” of every member of the team, to create new ideas and solutions to pending problems. In theory, this seems obvious to most, but at the same time, the old understanding of roles in leadership is still very present – both the expectation within the minds of many leaders themselves and an expectation from employees who still wait for their boss to lead the way and tell them what to do.

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