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Kussai El-Chichakli

Kussai El-Chichakli is a management consultant, certified executive and team coach, as well as a naturopath for psychotherapy. With 20 years of experience as a leader in international corporations and a Master's in MBCT from the University of Oxford, he has extensive training in resilience. At Leadership Choices, he leads the Leadership Choices Academy, one of the leading providers of solutions for executives and organizations in the field of resilience.

Coaching and Authentic Relationships

In trying times, resilience is required. Resilience refers to the ability to adapt in times of pressure and 
stress and emerge strengthened from them. Resilience, in turn, is composed of various protective 
factors. One of these factors is authentic relationships. What makes them up, and how can coaches 
assist their clients in forming authentic relationships?

Resilience is being widely talked about. But what exactly is resilience, and how can authentic 
relationships help strengthen it? Furthermore, how can coaches support their clients in cultivating 
authentic relationships?

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