Learning Journey „Leadership in the New Normal”

Join us on a unique learning journey that will help you expand your leadership qualities in a highly dynamic context: “Leadership in the New Normal” is a program running over 8 short modules that will allow you to experience the Vertical Personality Development approach first-hand. The program is an intense blend of three elements: latest trends in leadership topics that will be worked out in a safe group space, an individual personality profile, and 1:1 Coaching. You will be accompanied by a 4-person trainer team that is dedicated to fully focus on your development along the journey. This mix will enable you to significantly widen your perspective on Leadership in the New Normal.

For further Information: bernhard.broekman@leadership-choices.com

More details can be found in this brochure (pdf).


Experienced Executive and Resilience Coach, Partner and Member of the Management Team at Leadership Choices, Co-Lead of Resilience Community, certified as ICF PCC.