Executive FiRE Index 3.0

In our research, we have developed a model that integrates all factors that have a positive influence on human resistance: The Executive FiRE model of resilience. The acronym FiRE stands for Factors increasing Resilience Effectiveness®.

Most importantly, resilience is not simply an innate characteristic. It is also a competence that can be learned and internalized. It is also influenced by our general life situation. Therefore, our degree of resilience is fundamentally determined by three different concepts of personality psychology. These are called States, Traits and Habits.

They influence our behavior by interlocking like gears.

  • Traits, i.e., time-stable personality traits
  • Habits, i.e., learned behaviors
  • States, i.e., the current level of life satisfaction

The Executive FiRE Index was developed by us as an analytical instrument to capture all areas of individual resilience in analogy to the FiRE model described above and thus to make the individual development of crisis resilience visible in a differentiated way. In addition to the resilience factors of the personality, the traits, this tool also measures the effectiveness of the self-management and coping strategies of a person, i.e., the habit, as well as the current level of well-being, i.e., the state. In a structured questionnaire, all factors influencing the ability of a person to deal constructively with stress, adversity and setbacks are recorded. The structured questionnaire contains about 100 questions, all of which are in business language. The results are summarized in an easy-to-understand 28-page results report that visualizes the current level of resilience at all levels of the FiRE model and in various other ways. The accompanying report also contains concrete recommendations for action in daily practice. We use this instrument in our coaching processes and workshops with managers and have had very positive experiences with it, as the feedback shows very precisely where there is currently a need for action. To make the improvement in crisis resilience visible over time, the Executive FiRE Index is always used at least twice. In the beginning, the initial state is documented and after a few months of internal endurance training, the change in resilience is recorded in another run.