Coaching Master Program


The ICF accredited Coaching Program for Leadership, Transformation and Resilience

Are you a leader who deeply cares to help people to grow, overcome obstacles and excel in what they do? Do you want to help teams to develop cohesion and psychological safety on their way to great performance? Do you want to shape the culture of your organization to be more adaptive, risk-taking, and resilient? If this is true for you, developing your natural way of coaching in our Coaching Master Program might be the answer for you. At first, this will require you to learn techniques, models, and interventions. In the medium term however, this will start your own transformational journey to consciously develop your own attitude in working with the people around you.


Modular Approach

Our Coaching Master Program is set up in five different modules of 35 hours each with an optional parallel stream of Mentor Coaching to support your ICF certification. The program is offered in German and English in a virtual format. All modules can be booked individually or as a package. The golden thread of this program is the application of coaching as a technique and as a mindset in the context of leadership, transformation, and resilience. You will learn how to apply coaching in developmental conversations with individuals, and also in teams and other organizational contexts. You will have an enhanced understanding of the concept of resilience including the ability to work with the Executive FiRE Index 2.0, a scientifically development personality instrument to help improve the resilience of leaders and their people.

Program Overview

Module 1: Foundations of Executive Coaching (35h)
  • Introduction to the Coaching Model LEADERSHIP CHOICES
  • Impactful conversations through contracting, building rapport, deep listening and powerful questions
  • Challenging the status quo by provocation, humor and working with perspectives

Module 2: Coaching for Executive Resilience (35h)
  • Introduction to Resilience and the Executive FiRE Model
  • Reflection of individual resilience strategies as well as protective and risk factors
  • Certification in the scientific resilience instrument Executive FiRE Index 2.0

Module 3: Coaching for Leadership Team Performance (35h)
  • Introduction to team dynamics, group biases and the POWER model of team coaching
  • Overview of different schools of thought to impactful team coaching
  • Developing your own approach and tool set for successful team coaching

Module 4: Coaching for Organizational Resilience (35h)
  • Introduction to the concept of Organizational Maturity and Resilience
  • Understanding of protective and risk factors of organizations
  • Working with the Organizational FiRE Model

Module 5: Mentor Coaching - In parallel to Modules 1-4 (35h)
  • Preparation for the ICF Coach Certification (PCC-Level)
  • In parallel to Modules 1-4
  • Your fast track to become a professional coach certified by the prestigious International Coaching Federation
  • Our recommendation: Book as part of the complete package or in combination with Module 1

Feedback from participants

With what expectations did I decide on this training? What was different than expected? How has the training changed me? Would I recommend the training to others?

Proven Quality builds Trust

At Leadership Choices, all our coaches are actively engaging in continuous professional development and coach supervision. All our coaching mandates are quality controlled. We apply the same rigor to our leadership development and coaching programs. All our faculty are seasoned business, agile and resilience coaches who are certified with the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the largest professional coach association in the world. Also, the Coaching Master Program itself is accredited by ICF, making it easier for participants to obtain their own level of international coaching certification. In parallel to the joint learning sessions, each participant receives five hours of individual mentor coaching to help develop the craft and art of coaching and prepare for the ICF coach certification.


  • ICF accredited LCCC Certificate
  • Leadership Choices Certified Coach



Petra Lewe

Experienced Executive and Resilience Coach, Partner and Member of the Management Team at Leadership Choices, Co-Lead of Resilience Community, certified as ICF PCC.


Doris van de Sand

Experienced Executive and Mentor Coach, published author, Associate Partner and Head of Quality at Leadership Choices, certified as ICF MCC, Member of ICF Ethics Commission.


Dr. Richard Grillenbeck

Experienced Team and Agile Coach, published author, Associate Partner and Co-Lead of Agile Community at Leadership Choices, certified as ICF ACC.


Anne Schweppenhäußer

Experienced Executive and Team Coach, published author, Associate Partner and Co-Lead of Better World Community at Leadership Choices, certified as ICF MCC, Member of the Board ICF Germany.


Karsten Drath

Experienced Executive and Resilience Coach, published author, Managing Partner at Leadership Choices, certified as ICF PCC.


Stefanie Arnold

Experienced Executive and Team Coach, Partner at Leadership Choices, Co-Lead of Tailored Leadership Development at Leadership Choices, certified as ICF ACC.

Your Personal Benefit

Nobody leaves our programs unchanged - this is particularly true for this Coaching Master Program. This is largely due to the great faculty, the multi-facetted content, and the interactive and stimulating design of the program. But even more than that, it is due to the handpicked, diverse participants and the international experiences which they bring to class. Participants will learn techniques, models and interventions of different coaching formats and applications. But even more important, they will develop their own genuine attitude as a coach and will integrate this into their leadership signature. As a result, they will not only become coaches, but they will also become better communicators, stronger listeners, and more self-reflective leaders.

Your Company’s Benefit

Investing into the development of leaders has a clear ROI for companies, especially when it come to this Coaching Master Program. Upon completion, participants will be able to steer developmental conversations by asking thought-provoking questions and listen deeply for what is being said and what not. They will have an enhanced understanding of the concept of resilience and how to apply it in different leadership contexts. They will have improved their ability to read group dynamics and engage constructively with teams. And they will have a deepened understanding for organizational transformation and what kind of inner development this requires for leaders and their teams.


The Fine Print

Participant Profile

  • At least five years of management or HR experience
  • For English cohort: Solid business English

Program Fees

  • All 5 Modules: 10.995,00 EUR
  • 4 Modules: 9.975,00 EUR
  • 3 Modules: 8.750,00 EUR
  • 2 Modules: 6.600,00 EUR
  • 1 Module: 3.500,00 EUR 
  • Payments in monthly installments possible.

For your inquiry or application please reach out to: