Thomas Plingen

Senior Partner

Thomas is a business orientated Co-Active coach with the passion to support ambitious managers  and high potentials becoming great and empathic leaders. His academic background is engineering and economics.

From his twenty plus years of experience in high-level management positions in manufacturing and mechanical engineering industry, including as CEO and managing director, Thomas knows how it feels being in challenging positions. Having been responsible for major organizational changes he values highly credibility and authenticity of leaders.

His working principle is to take consequently care of the personal values and targets of his clients, to help getting access to their specific range of unique resources and to challenge  them with benevolent clarity. He is used to collaborate on eye level.

His coaches benefit from the way he intuitively integrates skill-building in conflict management, communication, relationship development and self-awareness into his coaching. 

Thomas is open to share management experience for specific topics and to be a sparring partner for the client.