Rolf Pfeiffer

Senior Partner

His clients often say that Rolf effectively helps them to increase their effectiveness and to achieve outstanding results by taking on new perspectives on their decisions and activities. His professional background – prior to co-founding Leadership Choices – includes top management consulting and senior line management roles in the professional services and pharmaceutical industries. 

Rolf has played a pivotal role in the post acquisition integration and restructuring of a pharmaceutical and biotech company. He was in charge of a significant headcount reduction project, subsequently he has focused on the mobilisation of the organisation and deep-seated culture development work. 

Rolf has worked as an executive coach and facilitator since 2003, his assignments have taken him to many European countries, the USA and South Africa. He is an associate of the Centre for Creative Leadership in Brussels. In his coaching work, he draws upon his consulting and business experience and helps his clients to navigate the dynamics of their organizational environment effectively.