Lukas von Hoerde


Having spent many years in the international project business, Lukas knows just how important efficient, agile, authentic and diverse individuals and teams are for the success of any organization or venture.

Achieving this not only depends on an authentic leadership style, but also on deep trust, a feeling of safety, self-knowledge and continuous reflection of behaviors and pattern.

Courageous, determined but also with ease, humor and care, Lukas takes inventory together with his clients of all the parties involved including individual objectives and needs, before determining and agreeing on the actions that need to be taken to optimize both the team and its results. Mindset before skillset before toolset – and all of them addressed.

Lukas holds a degree in mechanical engineering as well as an MBA and draws from 15 years of experience in the international energy and engineering business. Spending 11 years abroad (USA, Belgium, Australia) and leading numerous operations in Asia and the Middle East, Lukas developed a great interest and a solid grasp of intercultural communication before leaving his job as Head of Sales to become a professional Coach & Trainer (certified acc. CTI and ICF)