Julia N. Weiss


Executive Coaching by Julia Weiss aims to unleash the full potential of her client in her / his varying roles, thus enabling the client to achieve a sophisticated and sustainable level of performance. Julia provides a learnable approach to identify constraints to growth and development at an early stage and to proactively manage them before they compromise the individual performance.

Together with her clients Julia defines attractive and appealing objectives that are shared and achievable for the individual and for the team. In doing so, Julia does not leave the learnings on a "esoteric" or abstract level. In contrary she facilitates their application to actual challenges in the corporate world – whether that would be questions of leadership, change management or strategic realignment. 

Julia started her professional career as a Strategic Advisor, with focus on M&A, change management and organizational redesign in the media, telecommunications and automotive industry. She held several top management positions, lately as Managing Director Sales for an international media company. During this time she discovered the power of coaching to enhance the performance of executives as well as work teams and facilitate change processes.

Julia graduated from WHU in 1998 and from Harvard Business School in 2008. She is Member of the non executive board of the Leadership & HR program at ESMT, trainer and speaker for various topics including leadership and sales management.