Esther Goette


Esther is often described by her clients as effortlessly creating an atmosphere of trust and ease which enables them to connect and open up. Her style is empathetic and warm, yet challenging and authentic. She enjoys working with leaders who are curious and open to learning, and she is at her best when she is facilitating behavior change towards her clients' desired managerial style in order to achieve greater effectiveness and higher level of self awareness. 

Esther has a successful 20 year career as global marketing executive within several Fortune 200 corporations and small start-up environments, in the FMCG/Consumer Goods sector in Health Care and the New Media industry. She is an experienced global leader of multi-functional and multi-cultural teams and has worked in complex matrix structures of multinational corporations, in Europe and the USA. She is an expert in brand management and the development of communication strategies and plans. 

Esther has worked as an independent executive coach and facilitator since 2011. In her coaching work, she draws upon her global corporate business experience: she understands the complexity of working in a diverse environment, the challenges that organizational change can impose and the leadership competencies required to thrive in global organizations.