Our response to the Corona crisis:

Leadership Choices is offering absolutely free of charge virtual coachings for leaders, teams, and organizations in trouble! Are you leading a team that is quarantined? Have your supply chains broken down? Are your revenues dropping? Our experienced and certified business and executive coaches are there for you – at no costs at all.
We can help you to deal with the pressure and the uncertainty by strengthening your resilience. We can help you to gain clarity and prioritize tasks. We can even conduct virtual team workshops with your people.
If you need us, please reach out to myself or to our head of coaching, Dr. Ulrike Strasser.
Email: ulrike.strasser@leadership-choices.com


Anne Caspari


Anne Caspari (MSc) is a specialist for change and transformative proceses, in the context of personal development as well as leadership training and culture change.

Prior to becoming a coach in 2002, she worked as an expert for strategic environmental planning. This work allows her to draw on over 3 decades of experience with complex systems, adaptive pushback and the integration of obstacles to self-organisation. Combining this knowledge with over 16 years of transformative coaching and 12 years of leadership training and development gives her a comprehensive approach for her coaching practice. 

In her work she integrates the best of Integral Theory, adult development, complexity thinking, Theory U and Robert Kegan’s work on „Immunity to Change“.  In 1:1 coaching, she helps clients to identify and integrate unconscious patterns and resistances to growth (developmental coaching). She works with leaders to support them in their journey towards effective leadership and greater impact (executive coaching). Her focus is the leader ‘s growth edge in cultivating critical capacities needed to successfully navigate the complexity and uncertainty of today’s business environment.  She also works with teams and helps them identify obstacles to internal alignment and coherence, and to release team intelligence. She facilitates change processes and acts as a partner to her clients in fostering emergent (micro)processes in the direction of bigger themes, such as purpose, values, mindset and culture shifts (change and organisational development). She is fluent in English, German and Italian.