Team Coaching

Together you are strong.

Most leaders we work with are team leaders and members of leadership teams at the same time. As a result, every leader will benefit from teams collaborating seamlessly and more effectively. And each organization will clearly and immediately benefit from more effective teams as well.

Everyone knows this, and yet few leaders have really cracked the code of effective team collaboration. We know that many of the required developments are really just subtle changes to existing ways of working. Sometimes it is sufficient to unearth the unwritten rules of the game that have evolved over time. On other occasions more robust interventions are needed to support teams on their path to increased effectiveness. Getting there can be pretty demanding, however it can create significant competitive advantage.

We work with leadership teams that want to become more effective and create better business results. We create value by a process that spans over a period of several months.

We start by agreeing the process and outcomes with the team leader. During the assessment phase, we interview all team members. In team workshops, we help the executives close the gap between where the team stands now and where it wants to be in the future. We continue to engage with the team leader and review achievements with the team after a few months.

It is the power of authenticity and our practical approach that helps the teams to go beyond their current performance levels.

Phase 1: Issue framing and process definition

  • Framing the issues with the team leader and agreement on the process
  • Communications around the process to ensure openness and constructive atmosphere
  • Development of content of pre-workshop interviews

Phase 2: Comprehensive interviews and confidential report

  • Interviews with all team members with the purpose of gaining insight into the functioning of the team and helping the participants to invest trust in the process
  • Confidential and anonymous report of interview outcomes to team leader, agreement of final workshop agenda with team leader

Phase 3: Workshop and integration of outcomes

  • Conduct workshop including focus on elements of building high performance teams including power feedback
  • Collective action to help translate the outcomes into ongoing team practice

Phase 4: Reflection

  • half-day reflection workshop (in the context of a regular team meeting) on results achieved by implementing decisions made and activities decided on during the workshop

Leadership Choices - choosing to be strong.