Resilient Leadership

Boosting Resilience

Good leadership and a positive “resilience field” not only strengthen leaders and their teams but also improve the performance of the entire company.

Productivity and resilience do not exclude each other but are mutually dependent. An athlete may access 100 percent of his potential in a competition – but he won’t do that 24/7, all year round. Retrieving top performance in a sensible way makes the difference between long-term growth and wearout. If you would like to boost performance and resilience in your business, you should get to know our resilience development programs.

In multi-day workshops, accompanied by individual coaching sessions, your managers will become acquainted with the building blocks of their own resilience and performance. In addition, they will learn about the significance of the “resilience field” in a team and how to control it. A third aspect of the workshops is learning and implementing the basics of resilience-oriented leadership.

Each of the resilience workshops is preceded by an extensive diagnosis with numerous confidential 1:1 interviews of the individual stakeholders, in which essential factors are identified that may have a positive or negative effect on the resilience of your company’s employees.

This offer is complemented by additional interventions, such as conflict moderation, individual coaching, and tools from the field of organizational development. These will be tailored to the needs of your particular organization in a way that maximizes their effectiveness in terms of performance and resilience.

Leadership Choices – choosing resilient leaders.