Female Leadership

Women's Domain

Winning, developing and retaining female talent throughout the career pipeline is still a major challenge for most organizations. As many factors* need to be addressed for succeeding in getting and keeping female talent in leading positions – working on one or two factors only will fall far short. However having specific solutions for keeping the female talent on board is vital for all organizations for maximizing their potential for business success.

Through many years of own executive experiences in organizations with a strong commercial background and through successful projects with our clients, our coaches provide rich experiences for identifying tailored approaches and solutions to support our clients in that challenge.

Based on our experience our offerings are:

  • Advisory support, assessing the current state of measures for female leadership and co-creating tailored approaches along the different aspects
  • Coaching leaders 1:1 or in groups
    - to promote self-awareness and gaining insights of own behavior,
    - to identify measures for changing the preventing behavior
  • Coaching women throughout the career pipeline 1:1 or in groups to foster increasing self-awareness of own self-beliefs and behavior,
    - to create a personal career vision, and
    - to identify measures to make a successful career happen
  • Applying our psychometric or 360-degree instruments to support the increased self-awareness
  • Post-measure/program follow-on activities

A proven example to work with groups of women with outstanding results for our clients is the “Reflection Platform.” It is a 1–2-day workshop format, that provides up to 6 female participants a highly effective frame for reflecting about self-awareness, visibility, career vision, dimensions and opportunities, for analyzing obstacles and personal competing commitments and for elaborating specific career plans and instruments for personal development.

How does it work:

Preparation prior to the workshop

  • Definition of key themes (i.e. career dimensions) and process with client sponsor (by LC and client)
  • Invitation of participants/nomination among target group (by client)
  • Intake interviews: Conducting 60-minute interviews with all participants to inform about agenda and content of the reflection workshop, to understand their requirements, their expectations and to identify their development areas (by LC)
  • Fine-tuning of the schedule for the workshop with the sponsor (by LC and client)


  • 1–2-day group workshop
  • Facilitation by two facilitators/coaches
  • The format combines three main elements:
    - group work and discussion for a lively exchange of experience and mutual sparring
    - one hour of individual coaching with each participant (by LC) and two sessions of peer coaching (by participants)
    - summary of results and definition of action plans as well as sustainable individual support systems (by LC and participants)

Integration after the workshop

  • Implementation of actions within 90 days (by each participant)
  • Follow-up interviews with each participant about progress and barriers (by LC)

*) e.g. structural factors (career path / options and their flexibility, talent pipeline management, solutions for maternity and parents), cultural factors (management attitude and behavior, general support of gender diversity), individual factors (support for women individually or in programs)