Change Advisory

It’s Your Change.

About 2,500 years ago, Heraclitus said: “Nothing is more constant than change.” Consequently, everybody talks about change – after all, there is no lack of occasions:

restructuring, change of ownership, post-merger integration, new business model, new management, system introductions, etc.

But many change programs fail for a variety of reasons, such as lack of commitment “from above,” undefined change targets and vague visions, management discord, lack of experience in dealing with resistance, or disregard for the employees’ emotional adjustment needs.

Leadership Choices offers behavior-oriented support for change processes.

In particular, our offer includes:

Diagnostics/Status-quo Analysis
Through structured interviews and workshops (both system-wide and on team level), we identify the basis of the change approach as well as potential sources of resistance and thus learn to understand an organization’s “unwritten rules.

Team-Development / Team-Workshops

We are offering this type of intervention both on the management level (in order to achieve alignment, among other things) and on the team level. It includes role clarification and subjects related to the change. Large-group interventions may have up to 100 participants.

Executive Coaching
This offer addresses both top managers and project managers, since any expansion of your action pool supports the change process, which is full of obstacles and obstructions, as experience teaches.

Vision and Strategy Development

We support you in drafting a vision that is implementable and easy to communicate and which – in a change process – should include the why (mission), what (specific actions), and how (specific procedures).

Target-group-oriented Communication
This includes the exact definition/segmentation of all stakeholders in the change process as well as the establishment of a “core story,” which should form the backbone for a consistent, convincing, and authentic communication.

These are the reasons why we believe that Leadership Choices in particular can provide concrete and lasting support in changes and transitions:

  • Our “change coaches” have acquired an in-depth understanding of change implementation in a wide range of change projects and through their own personal experience in leadership and change management, and due to our basic orientation in coaching, they are able to react to individual behavior.
  • We are able to not only explain change on a cognitive level but to turn it into an actual experience. We thus create recognizable and different modes of behavior. We are used to dealing with resistance, can identify and understand it, and are able to generate buy-in.
  • Our range of services includes the organization of team workshops, active conflict management, configuring organizational energy (avoiding “toxic behavior”), and communication geared to the target group.
  • We offer a “different approach”: Thanks to our “more advanced” life and work experiences, we achieve a higher degree of acceptance quicker, our language is clear and intelligible, we know the “power of questions,” we show courage and attitude in our catalytic approach (e.g. with difficult feedback), and with our trained eye, we recognize certain modes of behavior and their effect, and we address them.

Leadership Choices - making transition work.