Personality Diagnostics

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Form follows function. This saying is true in a wide range of contexts, and we believe it is very true when it comes to selecting the right psychometric tool to support your leadership development projects. We provide a wide range of development assessments – multi-lingual, multi-purpose, pulling together the assessment offerings of various established providers – focusing on what may best serve your individual needs.

Our Experience Base

The choice to use a development assessment tool depends on the situation you are facing and/or the development activity you are considering. We will look for a suitable solution that fits your needs – not a suitable need that fits our solution. We therefore invite you to help us understand your needs and objectives to make sure that, together, we make the best use of what is available.

Our executive coaches are certified to use a huge array of psychometric instruments covering most of the usual diagnostics needs in executive coaching, team coaching and leadership development programs.

The focus areas that we address are self-awareness, leadership effectiveness, and team effectiveness.

Your Benefit

In executive coaching processes, we use self-awareness instruments that are based on online questionnaires. Reports are then jointly evaluated by the coachee and the coach and used in the coaching process that follows. We also use 360-degree instruments, usually provided by our preferred partner, the Center for Creative Leadership.

In team coaching, we use team surveys to be answered by all team members, in addition to individual confidential interviews. The combination of both approaches makes for very powerful insights.

Leadership development programs offer the widest application of diagnostics instruments. Combinations of multi-rater and self-awareness instruments ensure impactful insights for participants to create very robust individual development plans.

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