Welcome to Your New Job

Onboarding coaching may be required, for example, when someone gets promoted or takes over new responsibilities (e.g. a new business field or country), and especially when senior executives are hired who used to work for another company. This applies to businesses in various industries as well as professional service providers (e.g. business consultants or law offices).

In our experience, when switching to new tasks or a new company, major stumbling blocks are:

  • different work rhythms;
  • high expectations, e.g. when trying to reconcile a thorough adjustment (“first 100 days”) with getting quick results;
  • ilimited availability of in-house mentors/supporters;
  • not being special anymore: even though a person may have been one of the best in his old environment (or else he would not have been hired), in his new company he is just one of many who may be equally good or even better (and he has not [yet] gained a power base).

Leadership Choices Offers Pragmatic Onboarding Support

From Day One, a positive connection between employer and new employee on the one hand and commitment and motivation on the other is established. Our offer includes specifically:

  • understanding the role and specific requirements;
  • setting goals, aligned with overriding targets and expectations (first 100 days / first year / quick wins);
  • developing effective, trustful relationships;
  • understanding the company, especially its “unwritten rules of the game,” its culture, dynamics, values, and conduct;
  • identifying and handling traps and potential problem areas;
  • understanding oneself in the new environment (especially reduction of complexity and inundation);
  • preparing a personal development (including: active communication, reflection on one’s own leadership style);
  • creating a lasting strong and positive first impression.

Client feedback confirms that we are capable of providing specific and lasting support for onboarding processes.

The partners of Leadership Choices include many former executives, some of whom have experience as board members or business managers, some of whom have additional experience with special leadership development (including senior-hire programs), and some of whom used to be partners in globally active business consultancies.

From our own coaching activity and from our own (professional) experience – e.g. as board members or business executives – we are familiar with leadership issues in the industry and success factors in the field of professional services, as well as the initiation processes of the “first 100 days.”

In order to be effective, our onboarding coaching takes about six (and up to nine) months and includes 6 to 10 meetings and two calls per month. The coaching costs are far below the (evitable) costs of hiring a subpar senior, caused by a new search, losses in time and efficiency, unfulfilled potential in achieving targets (e.g. in the ability to generate new business) – costs that frequently exceed the annual salary of a senior executive.

Leadership Choices - the perfect start.