Leadership Choices

The Professional Service Firm with a Passion for Good Leadership

What sets Leadership Choices apart from other companies in our field is our unique “DNA,” which keeps evolving continuously: We learn from our experience and from client feedback – and, like our environment, we continue to evolve.

The consistently high quality of our consultancy is ensured, among other factors, by:

  • a targeted selection of coaches with high professional standards; 
  • internal “intervision”;
  • continuing process of education - e.g. via our LC Academy
  • regular “quality calls” with our clients;
  • Mentor-Coaching;
  • certification by professional organizations (including ICF and EMCC).

This allows us to continue playing a pioneering role in leadership development – for your benefit.

Leadership Choices – choosing to learn and evolve.

Our Values

To us, authenticity means backing up our words with our actions. We stand for clearly defined goals, openness, and transparency. We won’t jump through hoops, and neither will our clients. Our collaboration is based on trust.

Just like our clients, we act in keeping with our convictions and values. We do compromise when it serves a higher purpose, but we would never sacrifice our integrity. This is what gives us – and you – the power to succeed.

Leadership Choices - authentic choices.

Our Convictions

  • The alignment of strategies and people is vital to business success.
  • Authentic behavior generates excellent results.
  • “Soft” factors are as important as facts and figures.
  • Effective, honest feedback yields amazing opportunities.
  • Trust and the ability to deal with conflict make teams significantly stronger.
  • Executive resilience helps leaders to achieve results they never dreamed of.

Leadership Choices - clear convictions.

Our passion

We enjoy contributing to a world where inspiring leaders create and develop high performing teams and organisations delivering outstanding results. 

Leadership Choices - adding value.