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Meet the LC Management Team - Part 1

by Karsten Drath

Our new category "Meet the LC Management-Team" will introduce the several members. Stay tuned!


Interview Karsten Drath/Dr. Holger Karsten

1. Holger, you have more than 20 years’ experience in top management consulting. In which industries do you have the most experience?

Dr. Holger Karsten: My focus was on the Automotive Industry since I started working for the first 5 years for AUDI and then I assumed the role of Practice Manager Automotive in the Top Management Consulting firm Arthur D. Little. Over the years I also gained experience in the sectors Transportation & Logistics, Machinery & Equipment and naturally in the Professional Services Industry.

2. You are a partner of Leadership Choices since more than 11 years. What is your experience from these many years of cooperation?

Dr. Holger Karsten: My experience of these 11 years is threefold: On the first place is cooperating with great clients of different size, sector, and maturity level and within these companies working with interesting and highly motivated people.  Second is the content of my work (Executive coaching, team development, organizational coaching/transformation). And thirdly comes the development of our partner-led company from scratch to a remarkable size with a lot of great colleagues on board.

3. Karsten, you have been working with Holger for more than 11 years. What qualities do you value most in him?

Karsten Drath: First of all, Holger is a true professional services veteran and really likeable one, too. He is used to work on the top echelons of the international business world but still has his two feet firmly on the ground. Like every great coach, Holger is a real character, somebody that you keep in mind.  He is equipped with a great instinct or good feel which helps him to find the blind spots which need to be addressed in coaching. What I like in particular about Holger is that he listens to others and that he is willing to share his wealth of experience with younger colleagues.  

4. Holger, what are your plans for the coming weeks and months?

Dr. Holger Karsten: The Corona pandemic slowed me down in many aspects like going sailing or travelling to my favorite places. So, Tennis is very high on my list for the remaining weeks for outdoor sports, in mid-September we aim to go the Lago di Garda in Italy to enjoy our yearly “tennis camp” there, and at the end of October I am looking forward to going sailing in the bay of Mallorca, always health allowance given.

5. Karsten, how can Holger help Leadership Choices create better organizations and build a better world in times like the last months?

Karsten Drath: Holger is part of the management team of Leadership Choices since more than 10 years now. He has served in many different roles and helped to grow our company substantially.

Currently, Holger has two major roles. Firstly, he is heading our international business development community and helps younger colleagues to feel comfortable in their role of developing new business.

Secondly, he is heading our community focusing on organizational evolution. This think tank combines the different backgrounds of our people to develop and apply new models to help organisations become more mature in dealing with unforeseen events and crises like the current one.  

Karsten Drath works with top managers and their teams to improve their leadership effectiveness and resilience. He is a certified Executive Coach and Psychotherapist, a published author and keynote speaker, and is one of the Managing Partners of Leadership Choices, an international consultancy focusing on leadership development at Top Management level. Looking back on more than 15 years of own leadership experience in several international roles he knows the challenges that come with the executive lifestyle and also how to cope with them.


Dr. Holger Karsten brings a wealth of 30 years of experience to his work as executive coach. He has been an automotive executive, managing director of a global top management consultancy and a leading investment bank as well, giving him exposure to a wide variety of cultural idiosyncrasies. His formal education includes a masters‘ degree in economics, a doctoral degree in business administration as well as a post-graduate program completed at the University of Massachusetts Business School in Amherst, Mass, USA. Holger works goal-oriented and quickly understands the relevant issues regarding personality and business, based on his longstanding management- and consulting- experience. He also applies his own clear approach in a range of corporate supervisory  and advisory board


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