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Introducing the Organizational FiRE Index

by Karsten Drath

We have recently built an instrument which is able to measure the robustness of an organization against adversity and pressure from the outside and the inside. This entails the resilience against uncertain and potentially disruptive market environments as well as the capacity to effectively absorb reorganizations and other major changes.

The tool is a multi-rater assessment called Organizational FiRE Index. It is research-based and measures protective factors and risk factors of an organization as well as the individual well-being of all participating employees. Once the OFI of an organization has been collected this instrument allows you to see heatmaps or your organization telling you precisely where in your organization there might be issues, what these issues are and what effects they have on employee well-being.

A robust and resilient business is very likely to be better off in dimensions like productivity, innovation and agility. But in order to measure this resilience effectively we needed to generate benchmark data. This is the purpose why we reached out to our contacts in the past couple of months asking them for their help in collecting initial datasets. 

If you are interested in the results of our research, we will be pleased to send you a synopsis.

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Karsten Drath works with top managers and their teams to improve their leadership effectiveness and resilience. He is a certified Executive Coach and Psychotherapist, a published author and keynote speaker, and is one of the Managing Partners of Leadership Choices, an international consultancy focusing on leadership development at Top Management level. Looking back on more than 15 years of own leadership experience in several international roles he knows the challenges that come with the executive lifestyle and also how to cope with them.


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