Who is the Academy of Choices?

Our facilitators have been specifically selected because they are very experienced coaches and former managers. We are passionate about one belief: better leadership for a better world!

Uwe Achterholt

Managing Partner at Leadership Choices. Very active in the International Coaching Federation (ICF). His specialist area of expertise is: digitisation of coaching processes. He is convinced that transparency, quality assurance & efficiency in coaching processes are attainable!

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Friedemann Derndinger

Associate at Leadership Choices. Friedemann contributes extensive experience from his own management activities. Experiencing how managers and organizations succeed is his greatest motivation.

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Karsten Drath

Managing Partner at Leadership Choices, is an acknowledged expert on resilience as well as author, keynote speaker & lecturer at the WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management. Karsten is the inventor of the Fire Model and an active driver of our Spiral Leadership Model. His favourite topics are: resilience and strengthening an organisation’s immune system.

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Johann Entz-von Zerssen

Associates of Leadership Choices and Expert in Leadership Development, Coaching & Sensemaking. As a coach he understands his role to be the assistant to his clients to step into the space of their 'being' wholeheartedly, to be able to face the challenges life throws at them every day.

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Sabina Hampe

Partner at Leadership Choices and communications expert with a love for effective detail. Her experience: discerning listeners expect emotional presents & presence.

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Dr. Holger Karsten

Senior Partner at Leadership Choices, Supervisory Board. Holger is active in the INSEAD Alumin Network & a committed Rotarian. Networking is his life, and he loves to convey the best of his skills along with his North-German charm to his course participants.

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Petra Lewe

Petra Lewe. Partner at Leadership Choices. She loves to develop people. It is her credo to meet people with an unrestricted attitude of appreciation and curiosity and to promote conscious self-management, meaning, effectiveness and trust.

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Mike McLean

After many years of acting on the world’s stages (in Les Misérables, La Cage aux Folles, Chess and others), Mike brings his experience into his work with executives. In a very lively manner, the Scotsman shows us quite clearly how we can immensely improve our presence in one-on-one talks, and particularly in groups.

Rolf Pfeiffer

Co-founder and Senior Partner at Leadership Choices. He is a Senior Associate and Senior Faculty at the Center for Creative Leadership in Brussels and a member of the Executive Education Faculty of HEC Paris in Qatar. His areas of interest are: trust & high-performance teams.

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Francesco Pimpinelli

Partner of Leadership Choices – is a coaching expert supporting executives and executive teams in change processes. He values authenticity, harmony, courage, innovation and a focus on results. He encourages course participants to develop their own inner creativity first!

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Thomas Plingen

Senior Partner at Leadership Choices. Thomas has a wealth of experience in leadership positions in industry. He enjoys supporting and personally encouraging motivated managers, particularly in times of difficulty.

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Marie & Dr. Ulrike Strasser

Marie is still young, very determined and extremely self-confident. She represents the new Generation Z.
Ulrike is the founder of aboutGenZ. Her heartfelt desire is to combine the diversity of various generations and to make use of their differences as a real opportunity for the future.

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Lukas von Hoerde

Associate of Leadership Choices and former Head of Sales. Lukas is a master of positive influence and recognises that leadership can only be successful if people are really convinced.

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