Academy of Choices The way we work

How do we work at Academy of Choices?

We engage with our clients on an equal footing.

In the first instance, our facilitators are coaches. We therefore don’t function like a conventional training institute - in the Academy of Choices you will instead find us to be more like facilitators, sources of inspiration and critical questioners. 

We assign great importance to the aspects of teaching for particular people with high demands. 

Our Leadership Choices Office creates a very pleasant and confidential atmosphere.

Participants will experience interactive and extremely effective workshop methods, including:

  • factual imputs on the current state of research
  • group discussions
  • dynamic moderators
  • group coaching with very experienced coaches
  • learning from experience in a very select peer group
  • systemic constellations
  • real-life business cases
  • individual and group feedback
  • video feedback

Our participants...

... come from the middle, upper and top management levels

... primarily work in international corporations or major, medium-sized companies

... have many years of managerial experience 

... have already participated in numerous training and coaching sessions

... are very interested in questions concerning their own leadership role

... are willing to initiate personal learning processes

... are 100% satisfied and their expectations are often exceeded