Inspired Wisdom Podcast

von Karsten Drath

Karsten Drath is Making an Impact on Resilience and Innovation in Germany’s Youth

Karsten Drath is joining us from Heidelberg Germany.

My mission is to interview 100 people from 100 countries who are making a social impact. Karsten certainly matches this profile. Karsten is navigating the globe by bike to raise money for the Resilience of young people.  

Karsten discusses how Zis, a non-profit organization, provides scholarships for study trips to young adults between ages 16 and 20. When Karsten was a teen, he received a scholarship to work on a whaling station in Iceland and study Scientific Whaling. 

20 years later, Karsten rekindled his passion for the Zis organization and combined it with his love of endurance sports. His goal is to circumnavigate the earth by bike in 10 annual 3-week rides. In the show notes, I’ve included additional details with itineraries if you’d like to meet up with Karsten or contribute to his campaign.

Karsten is a leadership coach and expert on resilience with an extensive 16-year career in international consulting and leadership.

Karsten has a very special passion and commitment to learning. He has navigated his career through engineering, business, an E-MBA from the Kellogg School of Management in Chicago, executive coaching and psychotherapy.

Karsten has written several books and articles on the subject of coaching, resilience and leadership, including

  • Coaching and its Roots (in German)
  • Resilience in Corporate Leadership (in German)
  • Resilient Leadership, and
  • Rules of Success

Karsten will talk about his two latest booksResilient Leadership and Rules of Success.

Currently, Karsten is a Managing Partner at Leadership Choices, one of the leading providers of executive development in Europe. He is accredited with the International Coach Federation, Fairfax, the Center for Creative Leadership, Brussels and the World Economic Forum, Geneva. In addition, he works as adjunct faculty at the Center for Responsible Leadership of the WHU business school in Koblenz.

Karsten spends his free time with his family and endurance sports like bicycling for 3 weeks at a time around the globe.